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Products We Love: The Aroma Mug

ETS-Aroma-MugsWhy We Love It: Hot chocolate. Coffee. Hot tea. There’s something about the aroma of a favorite morning beverage that starts the day off right. If you want to integrate your brand into customer lives by getting your logo in your customers’ hands first thing every day, then there’s nothing better than a branded mug.

What Sets It Apart: The Aroma takes a modern twist on the traditional mug with its unique shape and color options. These 10-ounce, single-wall ceramic mugs feature a white interior with nine exterior color choices: Black, brown, cobalt blue, green, orange, red, storm gray, yellow, white. The generous imprint area—1.5” x 2.5” x 8.75”—showcases logos in one (or more!) colors. And since they are microwave safe (with non-metallic imprint, of course), you can always reheat your drink to the perfect temperature.

How To Use It: Did you know that 54% of Americans 18 years of age or older drink an average of three cups of coffee—every day? And next to water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world with more than 158 million Americans sipping it on any given day. Yet, only 25% of consumers own logoed drinkware. Branding opportunity! But if you’re going to shelve consumers’ current mugs and make yours a favorite, it must be something special.

Because mugs are so universal, they are kept and used regularly—extending branding recall through repeat exposure. To make the most out of this versatility, create a campaign that goes beyond simply handing out the mugs.

Businesses of any kind can boost the perceived value of the mugs by adding individual servings of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, wrapping it all in tissue and packaging it in a gift bag (both of which can also be logoed!).

Create a beverage of the month program as a thank you for top clients. Choose gourmet coffee, a variety of teas or a selection of hot chocolate flavors to deliver each month as a complement to the initial mug gift. This not only reinforces your brand through use of the mug, but it also gives your customers something to look forward to receiving from you—and provides you with a reason to call on them to continue communication and build the relationship.

You could even incorporate the mugs into a tradeshow incentive program. As a part of your pre-show marketing, send a postcard to show attendees to let them know you’ll be exhibiting and invite them to your booth for a cup of coffee—and bring the postcard to receive a special gift. Collect the postcards at the booth (after having a meaningful conversation about your products and services!), then send the mugs to each person who stopped by as a part of your post-show follow up. (While you could give the mugs at the show, sending them directly to recipients after the event ensures the mugs don’t break inside someone’s suitcase and actually make it to the person’s home or office.)

Don’t forget about using these mugs internally. Make them available during meetings with clients, and give them to new employees as a part of their welcome gifts.


These are just a few of the ways mugs can be used to boost your brand in strategic marketing programs. Want your clients to thirst for your products and services? Let’s chat about all the ways we can help make your company stand out from your competition. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 to get started. 

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