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Products We Love: Cork Chalkboard Magnets

Cork-Chalkboard-MagnetWhy We Love It: Chalkboards are all the rage. And these magnets tap into the trend while putting your logo front-and-center on an über useful product that can be handy both at home and the office.

What Sets It Apart: The erasable 8 ½” x 11” rectangle chalkboard has a full magnetic back and comes complete with two pieces of chalk with clip and five clear push pins. Silk screen your logo in your choice of 17 stock colors or go for four-color process to create the most dramatic effect.

For those with smaller budgets, go for the magnet sans the corkboard to be on-trend while on-budget. And for those areas without magnetic surfaces, there are options using repositionable vinyl for even more versatility.

How To Use It: Naturally, these magnets are superstars when used on the refrigerator—the black really pops on stainless steel models and showcases vivid logo colors! They’re ideal for restaurants or food service of any kind: coffee shops, delis, pizza parlors or any eateries that offer takeout and delivery. Include a take-out menu and any coupon specials that can be tacked to the corkboard for easy referral.

Grocery stores can offer them for making lists and planning menus. Doctor’s offices can use them as reminders for upcoming appointments or daily Rx schedules. Schools can use them as fundraisers with the added benefit of keeping track of upcoming campus events or homework projects.

Apartment communities as well as real estate agents, mortgage brokers and title companies can use them as “welcome home” gifts. Gyms, yoga studios and CrossFit facilities can use them for goal setting and upcoming workouts. And companies of any kind can use them to welcome new employees and have a place to write quick notes to each other—from “Don’t forget the meeting at 2 pm” to “Great Job!” or even “Happy Birthday!”


And these are just a few ideas to incorporate chalkboard magnets into your marketing plans. If you want to chalk up your next promotion with an on-trend product, book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 to get started. Mention the blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag to get the conversation started!