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Products We Love: Dress Up Magnets

Dress-Up-MagnetsWhy We Love It: Dress Up Magnets make us smile. They take us back to childhood afternoons whiling away the time playing with Colorforms®. Now you can have those happy times again no matter what your age. And since these magnets can be completely customized to your specific business, they can dress up any marketing campaign.

What Sets It Apart: The Dress Up Magnets are made from 30 mil, non-toxic white flexible magnetic material with clear, protective laminate. It’s sized 5.5″ x 8.5″ and includes one printed outer rectangle with square corners and up to seven inner kiss-cut images of your choice—all in full color. And since they are Made In USA, our inner patriot is happy.

How To Use It: The only limit to these little magnets is your imagination. Design clothing and accessories to fit your unique business.

Corporations, bank and even lawyers could include a suit, briefcase, mobile phone, laptop, desk…and a cup of coffee (more caffeine please!) Landscapers and lawn companies could include a work shirt, overalls and hat (with the company logo on them, of course!) as well as plants, flowers and watering can. Plumbers and electricians could incorporate a uniform, toolbox and work truck. Architects and builders could have a drafting table, blueprints and building materials to create your own structure.

Use them to introduce a new product or as a memorable leave-behind on sales calls. Incorporate them into a direct mail campaign or tradeshow giveaway. You can also add a social media component by including a #hashtag with your campaign and inviting recipients to post photos of their creations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then you can select the top one(s) to receive something special (a coupon for their next purchase, a branded t-shirt, etc.).

And these are just a few concepts to help get your ideas flowing. Set your creativity free and see how you can showcase what your business does with seven simple images. You could even have fun with it internally by having employees submit design ideas.


Whatever imagery you create, we can bring your design ideas to life. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 to learn how. Mention the blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag to get the conversation started!