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Products We Love: Flavor Infuser Drops

Water Infuser Drops
Water Infuser Drops

Why We Love It: Water. Milk. Coffee. Three of our favorite beverages. But sometimes, they can just be, well, a little plain. So when we want to jazz up any drink, we simply reach for these flavor infuser drops and squeeeeeze.

What Sets It Apart: These flavor enhancers are sugar free, have zero calories and are naturally flavored. The water infusers are available in six fruity flavors: berry pomegranate, mixed berry, tropical, strawberry lemonade, peach tea or black cherry (the latter with caffeine and B vitamins for an extra boost). The milk enhancers come in banana, chocolate, cookies & crème or strawberry. And the iced coffee infusers are offered in caramel, French vanilla latte, hazelnut and Irish Cream. The coffee flavors are all caffeinated, so use them with your fave milk (cow, soy, almond or coconut) to get that iced coffee experience. You can even use them with brewed coffee if you want that extra jolt!

How To Use It: While flavor infuser drops make a cool promotional gift on their own, combine them with a water bottle or coffee mug for a more substantial—and memorable—gift.

Companies of any kind can keep the flavor infusers on hand for client meetings, sales events or everyday employee use. Café’s and coffee shops can sell these in their retail stores to complement their other drinkware offerings. Bars and restaurants can create signature cocktails using the flavor infusers (the fruit flavors work great with vodka!)—and sell them in a keepsake glass.

Make it fun by incorporating clever tag lines. Get a prospective client’s attention with a direct mail piece so they can “get a taste” of what you offer. Apartment communities and real estate agents can show prospective residents how to “enhance their living experience.” Attract tradeshow attendees to your exhibit booth with the promise of a “flavorful” conversation.

Add a social media component by including a #hashtag with your campaign and inviting recipients to post photos of their drink creations using the flavor enhancers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then you can select the top one(s) to receive something special (a coupon for their next purchase, branded drinkware, etc.).


These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Let’s chat about your marketing goals and create a campaign together that will have you saying, “I’ll drink to that!” Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 to learn how. Cheers!