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Products We Love: Fruit Buddy

Fruit-BuddyWhy We Love It: We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But sometimes we like to switch it up. With the Fruit Buddy, now it’s possible to take oranges, grapes, pears and bananas on the go in a protective neoprene sleeve to safeguard all that yummy goodness. Who says being healthy can’t be fun!

What Sets It Apart: These buddies are designed to keep food protected from bruising, and the neoprene construction is dirt and water resistant, keeping contents clean. The outside clip can hang from a backpack, lunch cooler or tote bag, making it easy to take with you. 

How To Use It: Healthcare facilities and insurance companies can use the Fruit Buddy to support wellness programs. Restaurants can use it to promote healthy menu options. Gyms, yoga studios and CrossFit facilities can offer it to members as a thank you. Personal trainers, chiropractors and physical therapists can give it to clients to build their brand and boost healthy habits.

Use the Apple Buddy to thank teachers for their hard work and unending support, or tell clients they are the apple of your eye. Send the Banana Buddy to prospective clients and tell them you don’t monkey around and they’ll go bananas over your service.

No matter what creative way you use the Fruit Buddy, it will certainly get people talking about your brand…because they heard it through the grapevine.


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