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Products We Love: Password Pad

Password-Pad-Alexander-104Why We Love It: Passwords. You need them for everything. Social media sites. Amazon. Ebay. The utility company. Even your favorite grocer’s loyalty program. But remembering all of them…Argh! Some require letters and numbers. Others need a capital letter or a symbol. But keeping track of them doesn’t need to be arduous. The Password Pad is all you need.

What Sets It Apart: The Password Pad has a coated cover in blue or black with metal ring binding for durability. Its pages are alphabetized for easy use, and the elastic band holds the pad neatly in place. The pad is 6” x 4” in size, making it easy to put in a purse, briefcase or laptop sling. And the recycled material construction keeps the earth-lover in us happy.

How To Use It: What’s the secret to using the Password Pad in your marketing program? Have fun with it! Give it to clients and prospects and let them know you have the credentials to get the job done. Use it as a direct mail piece (it’s flat enough mail economically but bulky enough to get noticed) to show you know the secret to success. You could even give it away at a tradeshow to generate booth traffic—but only to those who give you the correct password (publicize the code word during pre-show marketing communications).

The Password Pad is usable by any size or kind of business—from tech companies to educational institutes, professional organizations to corporations, B2B firms to retail shops. Because of its usefulness on a daily basis, the Password Pad is an ideal way to get your logo in customers’ hands.


It’s no secret the Password Pad can build your brand. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 and let us show you how. And if you mention the blog, we’ll send you some SMART Swag to get the conversation started!