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Products We Love: Stadium Cushions

Stadium CushionWhy We Love It: Stadium cushions bring much needed comfort to cold, hard metal stadium and wooden bleacher seating at sporting events—and they’re a great way to show school spirit with the large imprint area. Plus, these brand builders can serve double-duty as a kneeler that gardeners, plumbers, mechanics and maintenance workers will appreciate.

What Sets It Apart: These cushions are cut from high-quality, thick, closed-cell foam rubber that is dipped in vinyl to be completely coated, making them shiny, durable and washable. A selection of 12 colors—black, blue, green, lime green, maroon, navy blue, orange, purple, red, teal, white and yellow—coordinate with most school and/or corporate colors. Choose from 12” round, 12” square, 14” square, 16” x 14” rectangle or the new 9” x 15” size made specifically to fit stadium and gymnasium bleacher benches.

How To Use It: Stadium cushions are perfect promotional items for high schools and colleges to boost spirit—and comfort—at sporting events from football, basketball, baseball and hockey to soccer, lacrosse, swimming and tennis. Imprint one side with the school mascot and the other with the game schedule. Private schools can use them a registration gifts. Booster clubs and alumni associations can use them as a fundraiser. School bookstores can include them as a part of their spirit gear.

To create a giveaway program, schools can co-op with a local business to co-brand the cushions—allowing the sports program to defray costs and the business to show support for the home team. Any service business (doctor, dentist, insurance agent, lawyer, etc.) as well as retail stores, hotels, movie theatres, car dealers and student housing facilities can benefit by creating a program that drives traffic to their location to pick up the cushions. Incorporate a social media aspect by having recipients share photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to receive a coupon for future purchase.


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