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Products We Love: Sweet Treats Direct Mailers

01-Sweet-Treats-Custom-School-DesignWhy We Love It: In today’s world of electronic communication, it sure is nice to get something hand delivered in the mail. And when recipients open up this eye-catching designed mailer, they’ll be delighted to find some really sweet treats.

What Sets It Apart: The sweet treats are packaged in air-tight, foil-lined canisters to not only preserve the freshness of the snacks but also serve as memorable keepsakes for recipients to reuse. Choose from snack mix (energy fruit and nut mix, butter toffee peanuts or roasted trail mix) or mini cookies (chocolate chip, key lime pie, oatmeal raisin or vanilla pecan) that are baked daily using time-tested, home-style recipes with 100% all natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavors. The sophisticated contemporary designs are customized to include your own artwork in either the “impact” size (8” tall, 2.5” diameter) or the “compact” size (4” tall, 2.5” diameter). Ship canisters directly in the mail or package multiples in a gift box for an even sweeter treat.

How To Use It: These sweet treats are so versatile that they can be used by just about any kind of business. When looking for new clients in the B2B sector, warm up cold calls by mailing sweet treats to top prospects. Say thank you to current customers for their business during the holidays or anytime of year. Show appreciation to employees by mailing the canisters to their homes for birthdays, employment anniversaries or upon landing a coveted client or completing a big project.

Real estate agents, apartment communities, property management firms, mortgage brokers and title companies can send sweet treats as a “Welcome Home” gift to new homeowners, residents or commercial tenants. Banks can mail them to new customers when they open checking or savings accounts. Car dealerships can send them upon vehicle purchase or service. Insurance companies can mail them when a policy is started or renewed. And these are just a few of the many applications.

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