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Products We Love: Trendy Travel Tumbler

2013 06-04 CorpSpec Product of the Month - Travel TumblerWhy We Love It: In today’s society, we’re on the go more than ever before. But staying hydrated and sipping your favorite beverage has never been easier. Forget boring, look-like-everyone-else travel tumblers. This one is so on-trend in style and color that it will get noticed—and so will your logo.

What Sets It Apart: This 14-ounce tumbler has double-wall insulation to not only keep contents hot without burning your hand but also cold without forming exterior condensation. However, it’s the eye-catching design—stainless outer construction with color plastic liner, coordinating textured silicone grip and twist closure with color slide button drinking spout—that makes this tumbler unlike any other. And the on-trend color selection of light blue, orange, pink and purple complement the more traditional choices of black, blue, green and red, making it appealing to all audience demographics.

How To Use It: Since this is a great value piece, it’s an ideal corporate gift on its own or combine it with any number of items to create even more impact. In the summer, include single serve lemonade mix for a refreshing treat. Add a personal size lunchbox or cooler for a quick-and-easy meal on the go. In the winter, coffee, tea or hot chocolate mix can keep the chill at bay.

Want to see what this kind of program looks like in action? See a post on our sister blog for The Apartment Boutique on creating resident appreciation with travel mugs. While this post is specifically targeted to residential services, you could easily translate it into employee and/or client appreciation programs in the corporate sector.


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