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Products We Love: Work Gloves

Work-GlovesWhy We Love It: Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get to work. Spring cleaning. Planting flower beds. Sprucing up your home or office. Growing your business. But just because you’re laboring doesn’t mean your hands should show it. Work gloves not only protect your digits, but they also make great promotional gifts because of their usefulness.

What Sets It Apart: The high-quality shoulder leather makes the gloves durable for any kind of work, and the palm area is reinforced with an extra layer of leather for extended wear. The white fabric safety cuff adds wrist protecting while offering a large imprint area to showcase your logo.

How To Use It: Any company can create a “let us give you a hand” theme around the gloves, but this is especially appropriate for landscapers, construction companies, general contractors and even real estate agents. “Education takes work; let us be your helping hand” could be used for tutoring firms, trade schools and agricultural colleges. Banks can use the gloves as part of a home improvement loan program, and nonprofits can use them as volunteer gifts during monthly/quarterly/annual work days. For those companies who donate time and talent to Habitat For Humanity or neighborhood clean up organizations, include the gloves in a uniform program along with a logoed t-shirt and cap so all volunteer team members are outfitted for the occasion.


There are so many ways work gloves can be put to work building your brand. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700 and us give you a hand in showing you how!