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Product Packaging Ideas for the Ultimate Customer-Brand Experience

product packaging making impression on male buyer

Online shopping has skyrocketed in the past decade, and total online sales are expected to top $370 billion worldwide. As brick and mortar traffic migrates more to the digital space, sellers are exploring ways to offer a personal interaction, and they’re finding it in product packaging. Creative, high-touch, and brand-defining delivery experiences are an effective way to bring your company’s unique shopping experience right to your customer’s doorsteps.

Brand-Defining Experiences

As Jordan Harper, International Business Development Manager at Process AG, says, “direct to consumer packaging is the new in-store display.” By ditching the generic cardboard boxes for customized product packaging, you can give your end-user a personal billboard with your company’s signature all over it. Unique and exceptional packages have staying power — after all, who’s going to throw out a packing box that can also store pens and pencils? Or be used as reusable grocery bag? Cardboard boxes and parcel slips get trashed. Your brand shouldn’t.unnamed 1

A Platform for Cross-Promotion

Product packaging is especially effective for co-branding with company partners, sponsors, or organizations. Invitations to corporate galas or charity dinners can feature sponsors’ or venues’ logos to return the favor. Do you welcome new employees with gift bags? You can package them with the logos of company partners, like the local yoga studio or Crossfit gym, to raise awareness of collaborative company benefits.

Share the Experience with the World

Anyone familiar with the unboxing trend on YouTube knows how exciting the receiving experience can be for customers. It also makes for social media sharing gold. Make your brand noteworthy with product packaging that’s so inventive your customers will tell their friends or snap a pic of it and post it to social media.

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