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Products We Love: Carabiner Power Bank

carabiner power bank back to school promotion

Why We Love It

From students headed back to school to corporate execs at the office, everyone is using their devices more often to do more things. All that increased usage is putting extra strain on battery life, and when we’re on the go, stopping to plug into an outlet may not be an option. That’s where the Carabiner Power Bank comes in handy. It’s a slick, compact, and accessible charger that can clip to a backpack or belt loop easily, and fit into a pocket for snug storage that makes portable power-ups simple and easy.

What Sets It Apart

The power bank comes in several modern, matte finishes, with plenty of surface area to showcase your logo, and its 5000 mAh of power is enough to charge most phones and tablets. Its shape is also unique, setting it apart from other, less stylish options, and it allows users to continue working on their devices even while it’s charging.

How to Use It

The Carabiner Power Bank is a great giveaway for back to school promotions, as students are using their smartphones and tablet devices on campus and in the classroom. It’s also great for company outings, where employees may be on the move, or away from outlets for long periods of time. Pair it with the 2-in-1 Charging Cable to give users the full power-up experience.

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