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Products We Love: Adult Coloring Books

Nature-Coloring-BookWhy We Love It: There’s something relaxing about picking up your favorite pencils, markers or crayons and spending awhile coloring to unwind after a stressful day. Adult coloring books allow you to unplug from the ever-present electronic screens and tap into your inner creativity even if you just have a few minutes to spare. And who doesn’t need some art therapy in their day!

What Sets It Apart: Adult coloring books are the biggest trend in publishing, creating a niche that didn’t really exist two years ago. Since 2013, more than 2,000 titles have hit retail shelves according to the New York Post. And now any company—from real estate and insurance companies to hospitals and senior centers—can embrace the trend and boost their brand in the process.

How To Use It: Let the creativity inspired by the coloring books come out in your promotions. Some potential ideas:

  • “Working with us will save you enough time to incorporate some art therapy into your day.”
  • “When it comes to [insert the kind of work you do], the only limit is your imagination.”
  • “Details are the difference that elevates ordinary to extraordinary.”
  • “The results are always better when you let your creativity shine.”

Use them as a direct mail piece to cut through the clutter. Turn the mailing into a multi-piece campaign by sending colored pencils separately. Add them to your sales-call leave-behind materials to inspire prospects to learn more about your company.

Patterns-Coloring-BookInvite tradeshow attendees to stop by your booth for a break from a busy exhibit floor to get their own coloring book (and find out more about you in the process). You could even have a table and chairs set up with a coloring station so people stay longer in your booth.

Give them to new employees as a part of a new hire swag bag. Incorporate them into a corporate wellness program. Include them in a sales retreat conference welcome packet.

Truly, the ways coloring books can be used to support your brand are only limited by your imagination. However you incorporate coloring books into your marketing plans, have fun with it. Coloring books are all about creativity. Show yours in a way that speaks to your target audience and let you brand story shine through.


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