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Products We Love: Cooling Towels

Cool Towel Girl On BeachWhy We Love Them: Summers are hot. Really hot. But we love being outside. So what’s a girl or guy to do? Grab a cooling towel and enjoy all the outdoor activities under the sun.

What Sets Them Apart: If you’ve ever endured a Texas summer, you know cooling towels are the best invention. Ever. Made from a Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material, these towels retain water while remaining dry to the touch to provide cooling relief. Simply wet, wring and wear. In less than 20 seconds the towel will be an average of 30 degrees colder than the surrounding air. Drape it over your shoulders or around your neck; the PVA material allows cool air to stimulate cooling and help lower the body’s core temperature. And the towel keeps its cool for 1-2 hours—or longer—to keep you from overheating even in a long, hot sweat sesh.

Depending on the style you want, multiple colors are available—blue, gray, neon green, orange, pink, purple, red or yellow—with up to two-color imprint. Or go for white with a full-color imprint, with or without a full bleed.

The colored towels are 12” high x 34.5” wide. The white towels are offered in four sizes: 6” x 21”; 12” x 21”; 7” x 33” and 11” x 33”—so you can choose the perfect size for your promotional needs.

Cooling Towels

How To Use Them: Cooling towels are a natural fit for gyms, fitness organizations, cross fit centers and hot yoga studios. Nonprofits that host a 5K walk or 10K run could use the towels as a part of the race swag in addition to t-shirts. Larger running organizations could use them in their online stores as a profit center, promoting the towels as a part of training programs for marathons and half marathons.

Youth sports teams could use them as fundraisers for baseball, softball, soccer, football or track teams. High schools could also get their booster clubs involved to promote and boost sales.

Pet-related businesses—vets, groomers, pet sitters, doggy day care centers, etc.—could use the towels as a giveaway to help keep pets, and their parents, cool. Companies with a corporate wellness program could use them as part of the program swag.

But you don’t have to be in a sports-related business or have a sports-themed marketing campaign to put these cooling towels to work for you. Construction firms or lawn care companies could use them as a component of a safety program for employees. Or businesses of any kind could use them in a direct mail program with a “cool” theme. Mail them folded in an envelope, or roll them using a mailing tube to add even more dimension to the campaign.


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