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Products We Love: Rebel Umbrella

Rebel Umbrella RedWhy We Love It: Rebel Without A Cause. Rebel Yell. Rebel Rebel. Whether it’s James Dean, Billy Idol or David Bowie, we appreciate the ability to resist convention and forge uncharted territory. So after 300+ years of umbrellas closing with the wet side out, it’s about time to a better design was created.

What Sets It Apart: The Rebel Umbrella defies convention as it is an inverted style umbrella that closes away from you. This revolutionary design not only keeps the user dry when closing, but it is also much easier to secure when entering or leaving a car or through a door. It is constructed of pongee fabric with a 48” arc and manual open/close. The straight rubberized finger grip and handle offer comfort while carrying. Go for all black or choose aqua, lime, orange or red contrasting color for the underside. Check out this video to see The Rebel in action:

The Facts: With more than 1,300 impressions over their lifespan, umbrellas are extremely effective advertising vehicles. And since more than half of consumers are likely to do business with a company that gave them the umbrella, it makes sense to add umbrellas to your advertising arsenal.

Rebel Umbrella Group

How To Use It: Umbrellas may be utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get innovative and have some fun using them in promos. Some ideas:

  • Valet car services can have them available for customers while they wait
  • Auto dealerships can include them with the purchase of any vehicle
  • Real estate agents, title companies and mortgage brokers can use them for welcome home gifts
  • Apartment communities can have them on hand during tours and also give them as move-in gifts
  • Golf tournaments can make them available for players or sell them in the pro shop for spectators
  • Retailers can use them in a gift with purchase incentive program
  • Schools and universities can include them in new student welcome kits to help them stay dry during long walks across campus
  • Insurance companies can give them to new policy holders to say “we’ve got you covered”
  • Businesses that want to showcase creativity can use them as a metaphor for how they think differently
  • Companies exhibiting at career fairs can give them to top candidates as a imaginative way to show that future opportunities will open up by joining their team

Since only 25% of U.S. consumers own promotional umbrellas, there’s a HUGE opportunity to get your brand noticed without having to compete with other promotional products. Plus, 83% of consumers state they would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful. Thus you can be certain that recipients will keep and use the gift…and see your brand message every time they do.


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