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Products We Love: Sonata Torch Pen

sonata-torch-pensWhy We Love It: We get ideas at all times of the day and night. So we’re never without a pen and paper so we can jot down a quick note, journal entry, poem or even love letter. And with the Sonata Torch Pen that has a built-in light, we can get the words out—even in the dark.

What Sets It Apart: This multifunctional executive pen converts to a bright and powerful LED light with a simple double click. It features a satin finish in fashion colors—blue, gold, plum, slate—with shining silver accents. And with smooth-writing blue ink plus sleek lines with a slightly wider barrel, the Sonata Torch makes for comfortable writing experience even with the longest tomes.

How To Use It: Because of writing instruments’ universal appeal, they can be used for any industry and any demographic. Use them at annual sales meetings, give them away at tradeshows or include them in an employee onboarding program. You could even support (or start!) a campaign to bring cursive writing back into school curriculum—and help boost cognitive development while boosting your brand awareness.

But don’t let this universal appeal fool you. For any promotional marketing campaign to be successful, you must have a strategy!

So tap into the Sonata Torch’s functionality to align the pen with your target audience. For example, it’s great for use at hospitals and healthcare facilities because doctors and nurses don’t have to turn on the room lights when writing notes on a chart. It’s also perfect for romantic restaurants and dark clubs when guests need a little more light to sign the check.

You can also use a creative tagline to show your audience how your products or services can “light the way” or “shed some light” on the solution they need to solve their problems.

You could even have some fun celebrating National Handwriting Day on January 23 (coinciding with John Hancock’s birthday) or National Ballpoint Pen Day on June 10 (marking the anniversary of the 1943 patent filing).

However, you decide to use the Sonata Torch, there are three reasons why writing instruments should be part of your marketing plan: They’re universal, useful and effective. Learn more in this previous post.

And if you want proof about why writing instruments are such effective advertising mediums, check out these research stats. With 76 percent of people surveyed considering writing instruments an important/very important/extremely important part of their daily personal activities, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to get your brand into customers’ hands.


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