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Products We Love: The Always Classic, Perennially Cool Polo

branded polo shirts 2Why We Love It

Polo shirts, once the darlings of popular couture, are coming back with a vengeance. And why not? They’re fashion forward, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and their distinct and recognizable look makes them the perfect mix of function and style with a dash of cool. But don’t just take our word for it: take a look at this ultra-hip video about the origins of the Penguin branded polo.

What Sets Them Apart

The enduring appeal of good, quality polos is in their versatility. They’re suitable for both work and play, and they’re wearable all year long: stylish sartorialists can sport them as standalones in the spring and summer and use them as part of a layered outfit in the chillier months. Even Gen Z-ers — notoriously hard to pin down fashion-wise — love them, combing second hand stores to get those Lacoste Crocodiles in their closets.

How to Use Them

High-quality polo shirts with recognizable brand icons (Lacoste, Penguin, etc.) are the perfect walkabout brand ambassadors — they keep your logo and your wearer cool at the same time. Make sure that everyone on your staff is outfitted in the same color and style polo to ensure brand consistency. And to maximize style, consider embroidering your brand logo on the sleeves to let the shirt icon shine on its own. Outfit your team for that corporate event or volunteer excursion, or include the shirts on a menu of raffle giveaways at your next trade show. Give us a call today to hear about available colors and styles.

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