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Products We Love: The Shadow Badge


Why We Love It: The shadow badge helps to promote a professional atmosphere where employees are encouraged to balance their personal responsibilities with a sense of corporate togetherness. They’re a classy, upscale take on the ever-essential name-tag for public-facing employees and can also be useful at events and workgroups to break the ice between employees who don’t work together every day.

What Sets It Apart: The frosted material used in the manufacturing of these shadow badges gives the text a unique drop shadow, three-dimensional effect, making the lettering really stand out. Also, if worn outside, badges can be finished with an epoxy coat to protect against sun damage.

How to Use It: Employees can wear shadow badges when attending large-scale events and trade shows to show off the company logo, helping them to meet others with similar or synergistic positions. Similarly, at volunteer events with a wide range of people, shadow badges can help organizers distinguish between employees and civilians.

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