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Products We Love: Beach and Cool-Down Towels

promotional beach towel

Why We Love Them

Pool parties, beach days, showers, even workouts: what’s the one thing all these have in common? They’re all activities that require a towel. Because of their size, promotional beach towels make great, interactive promotional platforms for your brand — soft, portable billboards with your logo prominently displayed for all to see. If you’re looking for a lower-priced alternative, cool-down towels can achieve the same end on a smaller, even more versatile scale.

What Sets Them Apart


Towels have an extraordinary long lifespan, as far as promotional products go: seven years. That’s real staying power. After all,  who ever heard of someone throwing out a towel? Your brand will be a fixture in that employee’s or client’s leisure life for a long time. And, speaking of staying power, to make beach towels our manufacturers use sublimation printing. This technique differs from ink jet printing in that it uses heat to adhere dyes to textiles. This process ensures that the imprint on the towel won’t fade with time, which means your branding will stay prominent for a long while.

How to Use Them

Beach towels make a great addition to any employee appreciation gift basket, as well as excellent thank you gifts to clients, especially during the summer months before everyone takes vacation. If you’re going with a cool-down towel, consider handing these out at corporate outings like yoga outings, picnics, or community service events. If you have a company team participating in a 5K or charity walk, make sure you hook them up with this handy cooling towel. Employees and clients alike will appreciate the consideration.    

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