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Start It Up: How Promotional Products Can Give Your Startup or Small Business a Marketing Advantage

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Many startups and small businesses choose a digital-first marketing strategy and as a result the Internet has become overcrowded with messaging. Rather than try to compete, you can cut through all the noise with a secret weapon: promotional product marketing. Research shows that promotional products are just as, if not more, effective at converting customers and building profitable relationships.

Swag works for startups and small businesses. Here’s how to make it work for yours:

Make a Tangible Impact: Digital-only marketing methods lack that personal touch. Startups and small businesses that promote exclusively on the Internet run the risk of never making the human connection with customers and partners that is so essential to long-term sustainability and growth. We know that emotion plays a major role in influencing consumers’ purchase decisions, and well-chosen, well-timed promotional products are a proven way generate and guide those emotions along the conversion path. Let your prospects and partners know that you care about their comfort with a branded umbrella, durable in both rainy and snowy weathers. The gratitude they’ll feel for this promotional gift can be just the encouragement they need to become customers.branded umbrella

Leave Investors with a Little Something Extra: In the early days of startup financing, founders often go to meeting after meeting, competing with other startups for venture capitalist attention and money. If you want to win over investors, you need to prove to them that you can build a relationship that’s mutually beneficial in both the short- and long-terms. One way to do that is by helping them remember not just your pitch deck, but your personality too. That’s where promotional products come in. You can communicate who you and your brand are with branded swag you leave behind once a meeting is over. This heathered padfolio is a perfectly memorable gift to give potential investors, to help them organize their papers, devices, and gadgets.

Anoint Your Brand Ambassadors: If you’re a startup or small business, you’ve likely put a lot of time and research into identifying your target market. Within this market are tastemakers and early adopters who can act as ambassadors. Giving them memorable swag is an effective way to help them spread the good word about your brand. Brand ambassadors (aka influencers) typically have strong social media presences, so it’s easy to track them down and get in touch. Often in exchange for free stuff, influencers will speak favorably about your brand to their followers, posting positive reviews and stories. One thing to consider when sending these people swag is how branded merch will show up in a social media post. For instance, something eye-catching and interactive like the colorful Nitro Steel Tumbler will likely generate more online engagement than, say, a branded pen. Another great thing about the tumbler is that it can be co-branded with a different logo on either side. padfolio

Co-Sponsor Events and Leave Something Behind: One of the best ways for your startup to make a splash in your field is to co-sponsor events. Most events need sponsors both large and small, and by chipping in, you’ll be able to participate in panels, and might even get your own booth. If you’re considering attending an event relevant to your industry consider either a monetary or in-kind contribution to help make the event a success rather than just going as a ticket holder. As a sponsor, your name will get a lot of visibility, and you can leave a lasting impression on the attendees by handing out branded swag. If you’ve ever attended a busy industry event in the past, you know there’s nothing folks want more than snacks. Give a taste of your brand in the form of branded iced shortbread cookies, and watch attendees line up at your both.       

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