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Promotional Products Work. Here’s Proof.

Promotional Products Work InfographicI’m a true believer in the power promotional products have as an advertising medium, as I’ve seen time and time again how effective they are for my clients’ marketing campaigns. And while personal, anecdotal evidence is important, there is hard data from Promotional Products Association International that backs up my belief that promotional products work. Here’s proof.

Branding Recall

More than 80% of people who receive promotional products can remember the advertiser. This is key for initiating the sales process because people can’t buy from someone they don’t know! No other advertising venue can generate this kind of brand recall.

Staying Power

Why is brand recall so high? Because people love promotional products—so much, in fact, that 58% keep them from one to four years. No other advertising vehicle has this kind of staying power.

Repeat Exposure

Promotional products gain their power from being useful. With this use comes repeat brand exposure: 73% use promotional product gifts at least one a week, and 45% use them at least once per day. No other advertising medium puts your brand in your customers’ hands—literally—more often.

So whether you want to incorporate favorites such as corporate apparel and writing instruments or you want to create something completely custom to your brand, promotional products are a proven method to create awareness, build your brand and deliver ROI—but only if done right.


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