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Your Secret Weapon For Innovation: Post-it Notes


Post-it-Meeting-CroppedYou may think of Post-it® Notes as disposable, unimportant scraps of paper only useful for jotting done a phone number or doodling during a boring meeting. But, the ubiquitous Post-it may be just the tool you need for your next big idea, according to this article in Fast Company.

In “How The Post-it Note Could Become The Latest Innovation Technology,” author David Lavenda examines how “the little, sticky papers are now getting a second life, seeing a resurgence in a new and unforeseen way: as a tool for innovation and collaboration.” The rebirth, it seems, is thanks in part to the book Change By Design by Tim Brown, CEO of the design and innovation company Ideo. He says that the reason Post-it Notes are ideal for brainstorming is because they provide a way to converge upon a solution when multiple possibilities exist.

Go beyond the standard yellow Post-it squares. Add a full-color imprint to bring your logo—and brainstorming—to life.
Go beyond the standard yellow Post-it squares. Add a full-color imprint to bring your logo—and brainstorming—to life.

But Brown isn’t the only proponent of the sticky note revolution. Abigail Sellen, co-author of The Myth Of The Paperless Office, says that Post-its are perfect for sharing ideas with colleagues especially since the notes can easily be stuck on walls, flipboards and tables.

All this sounds great conceptually, right? But what about execution? 3M has created Collaboration Central to help you discover all the different ways to arrive at solutions to your creative challenges. Whether you need to optimize a process, plan a project or simply brainstorm ideas, Collaboration Central features 14 ways Post-its can be used to generate useful information. From mind mapping and reverse thinking to attribute change and logic tree, each lesson includes detailed instructions so you can complete the process seamlessly.

For example, do you need to plan this year’s corporate outing? Maybe you’re outlining everything that needs to be done for the new product launch. Or perhaps you’re working on next quarter’s ambitious marketing plan. Whatever your task, Post-it Notes can be your secret weapon for innovation.

But don’t feel limited to the standard yellow Post-it squares. Spark inspiration by adding your logo to custom-printed Notes and you can build your brand while building ideas. If you’re working on the next big thing, the Big Post-it Notes pads have tons of room for inspiration. And if you have many thoughts to coordinate, the Post-it Slim Cube has plenty of sheets for sharing and organizing lots of ideas.


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