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Show ’Em Some Love: Appreciation Programs With Travel Mugs

Appreciation programs can take many forms, from a simple thank-you gift for a new customer to an elaborate month-long event with presents delivered to VIPs each week—and everything in between.

2013 01-09 Apt Blog 2 - Resident Appreciation With Travel MugsIn this post from The Apartment Boutique Blog, travel mugs can be used as the basis to create an appreciation program around a perennial favorite—coffee. While the post is targeted specifically to apartment communities, the same principles apply when creating an appreciation program for any market. For example:

  • Banks could give the travel mugs to new account holders and invite them to come in for free coffee that’s served daily in the lobby
  • Service providers of any kind could mail travel mugs out to customers and subsequently send them hot chocolate packets every month as a service reminder
  • Restaurants could create a gift-with-purchase promotion and invite patrons to return with the mug to receive a free beverage

To learn the specifics about how to create an appreciation program using travel mugs, read the complete post here.

Got ideas on how you can use travel mugs in an appreciation program? Share your thoughts in the comments below to keep the discussion going!