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Products We Love: Silver Bent Stainless Steel Straw

Why We Love It

Thinking of ditching your plastic straws? Considering how hard they are to recycle, and that they often just end up in the ocean posing a threat to marine life, that might be a good idea. Instead, try the reusable, super sleek Stainless Steel Straw as an alternative. It signals to your audience that you’re forward thinking and eco-conscious and that you don’t skimp on anything — not even the drinkware. The long side of the straw also provides a great surface for you to imprint your brand logo, which customers will see every time they take a sip.

What Sets It Apart

Unlike paper straws, and more so than plastic ones, metal straws are meant to re-used, ensuring that your eco-friendly imprint will be viewed over and over. Dishwasher safe, each Stainless Steel Straw in the pack also comes with its own cleaning brush to make washing up a cinch.

How to Use It

Hosting an event? Serving drinks? The Stainless Steel Straw is a perfect, eco-friendly accessory to top off any cocktail or soda, and makes a great take-home gift as well. The straw also makes a great addition to a holiday gift bag (to complement the eggnog mixers) and can be delivered four to the bag.

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