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Six Marketing Trends to Watch – Don’t Skip the Promotional Items

Entrepreneur Magazine weighed in on the top marketing trends to watch for the future. What was missing from the article, however, was just how many of the best practices could (and should) be enhanced with promotional product campaigns — a necessary ingredient to any marketing mix. Digital marketing is here to stay, but nothing can beat the unique touch and brand-to-user connection of, say, a customized coffee tumbler. Here’s how to integrate branded giveaways and promotional items with a few of Entrepreneur’s trends to have the best of both worlds: woman seraching promotional marketing trends on smartphone

Use content marketing to promote your business (and your promos)

Entrepreneur called content marketing “a strategic marketing technique to create and distribute relevant information to attract a target audience.” One way to do this is by building a company blog page and promoting it by printing the URL on a useful branded giveaway.

Locate your target influencer, and give them some swag:

Personalities with social media followings and access to your target demographics are invaluable for spreading your brand message. Find these people, and ask them if they’d be interested in representing your company’s giveaway in a social media post.

Try visual content:

Employee video bios, instructional videos, testimonials, advertisements, welcome videos: these are all great opportunities to interact with your end user. They’re also the perfect platform for showcasing your brand — like product placement in your company’s own movie. Actors can address the camera wearing branded t-shirts, or while sipping casually from company customized mugs.

Offer now or never:

Ephemeral content is hot right now (see Snapchat’s success), and the same principle applies to promotional items. Tying together your campaign with limited edition promotional products can help drive conversions.

Personalize for the prize:

Knowing who your target demographic is and their needs will help you serve them better. Highlighters and notebooks branded with your company’s logo can be just what your bookworm college student population has got to have — and they’ll be eternally grateful.

Make it automated:

Many marketing efforts are now being automated through software tools to stay on top of leads and customers. You can do the same with ongoing promotional campaigns, by having customized branded items prepared to send out when customers enter different stages of the sales cycle.

The coming years are shaping up to be big for marketers across the board. But customer connectivity is not complete without the special punch of promotional products.

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