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Small Business Marketing Strategies with Big Impact

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According to Constant Contact’s CEO of Marketing, Gail Goodman, sometimes in marketing, bigger isn’t always better. In her keynote address at National Small Business Week, she explained how small businesses have the upper hand when it comes to fostering relationships. We’ve taken some highlights from Goodman’s talk, and paired them with our own tips and promotional items, to bring you small businesses marketing strategies that will help enhance personal interactions and customer relations.

Creating Meaningful Experiences

Because of their size, small businesses can really focus energy on connecting with their audiences and exceeding their expectations. One of the best ways to do that is to gift current and prospective customers with promotional products that complement your product or service — it’s something extra they might not have seen coming.

Getting Your Name Out

Small businesses, and their owners, can build relationships on a first-name basis with loyal customers, community leaders, elected officials, and more. Help them remember your name when you first meet them with a cell phone sleeve that bears your logo.

Front-Row Seat to the Customer Experience

Small business owners get to see the customer experience in real-time, rather than hearsay or from a survey. That means they can identify ways to improve it, as well as get a better sense of their customers’ needs and habits. Matching these needs to promotional products will leave a lasting impression.

Linking Up

Staying connected with your customers is crucial to maintaining that well-earned relationship. To get your customers on an email chain, you can always offer free promotional giveaways when they sign up.

Growing Your Community

After establishing a loyal network, begin to dive deeper into your customers’ networks. Turn your customers into brand ambassadors by giving them an additional one or two products they’d be happy to share with their friends. If you’re a gym, don’t just give one bandana…try five.

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