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Stop Advertising. Start Promoting (And Put Your Brand To Work For You)

Stop-Advertising-Start-Promoting1Advertising is hard work. Developing the clever creative for tv. Writing the catchy jingle for radio. Cutting though the clutter of online ads. And once your audience changes the channel, switches stations or closes the browser, your advertising message disappears into oblivion.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to put your brand to work for you that continues long after the initial viewing of your message: Promotional Products.

Whether you call it branded merchandise, promotional products or swag, logoed items have the power to keep your brand in front of customers and prospects like no other advertising medium can. Why? Because people love promotional products—so much, in fact, that 58% keep them from one to four years according to research from Promotional Products Association International.

And not only are promotional products kept, they’re used too. The PPAI study found that 73% use promotional product gifts at least one a week, and 45% use them at least once per day. No other advertising medium puts your brand in your customers’ hands—literally—more often.

With all this repeat exposure, it’s no wonder that 85% of recipients of promotional products can identify the advertisers on the promotional items they owned, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study.

And that’s what you want, right? Your target audience remembering who you are. Being top of mind. So that when it’s time to make a purchase, they think of you first because they’ve seen your logo day in and day out in their homes and offices.

To get this kind of continual exposure with traditional advertising, you must have the enormous budgets of Geico or Budweiser. Promotional products, however, can allow even small companies to achieve as high an ROI as major corporations. The ASI study found at about half a penny, promo products have a lower cost-per-impression (CPI) in the U.S. than prime-time TV, national magazine and newspaper ads.

So how hard to you want to work—and how much do you want to spend—to get the attention of your target audience? Let high-impact, cost-effective logoed items go to work for you and build your brand all year long.


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