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Successful Marketing Is In The Experience

CorpSpec Experiential MarketingStep aside traditional marketing. Experience marketing is the new integrated marketing model, according to this article published by Chief Marketer. Article co-authors Sarah Eck-Thompson and Brook Jay, co-founders of experiential marketing agency All Terrain, say that “three forces in the market have come together to create a perfect storm that’s rendered traditional approaches to integration passé:

1. The rise of the experiential consumer

2. Richer data driving richer experiences

3. A new, dynamic consumer relationship

The result is a new experiential marketing model. “In the end, marketers need to rewire their approach to focus on experiential design,” the authors write, “putting the experiential consumer at the core, and then leveraging data to understand consumer behavior and preferences to engineer experiences that deliver value and create relevant engagement the consumer will welcome and sustain. Traditional integrated marketing approaches, which can be haphazard when applied across disciplines, come up short.”

To learn more, read the complete story here.

While the article didn’t delve into the various types of marketing communications and how they can contribute to (or detract from) the experience, promotional products can be one of the most effective methods because they appeal to the five senses. Depending on the item, you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel the product—all things that can develop positive associations, impressions and memories associated with your brand.


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