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The Surprising Branding Opportunity That’s Right Underfoot

Water Hog Inlay Floor Mat 1You want to put you best foot forward with customers, right? But you might be missing a branding opportunity that is literally right underfoot. Having a branded entrance mat puts your logo front-and-center, making it one of the first things customers see when walking through the door.

Did you know that one square yard of carpet can accumulate a pound of dirt in a week—twice that in inclement weather? Yuck! And to find and remove that pound of dirt costs around $600. Double yuck!

Entrance mats are your primary defense for keeping your business clean and safe by collecting dirt and water so it can’t be tracked in to become a mess or slip hazard. And when branded with your logo, these floor mats do double duty as brand ambassadors to complement any other signage you may have. Since 91% of customers select where to shop based on appearance, having that extra bit of curb appeal can separate you from the competition.

Selecting The Perfect Branded Floor Mat

Choosing the right entrance mat is easy. Just follow these four steps:

1. Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Will you mat be inside or outside? Indoor mats can be a more plush, carpet-like surface, while outdoor mats must be durable with UV resistant logos to keep them looking great all year long.

2. Traffic Flow

Mat placement makes a difference. Will this be at a main entrance with heavy traffic or a secondary door with lighter wear?

3. Size

Short mats don’t work because visitors can step over them. Make sure your entrance mat is long enough so that anyone who walks through the door steps on it several times. The more steps, the more effective the mat is at removing dirt and drying wetness.

4. Graphics

With advancements in technology, branded floor mats aren’t limited to simple designs. You can have photographic quality and HD reproductions of intricate logos.

You’re going to have an entrance mat at your business. So why not turn it into a branding tool! Little details matter. Get off on the right foot with a custom entrance mat.


What kind statement does your entrance make? Add some curb appeal with a branded floor mat. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 to get started. Mention the blog, and we’ll put our best foot forward by sending you some SMART Swag!