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Sweet As Candy: Developing Referral Programs Through HR Managers

Getting out into the community to develop connections isn’t always easy. But property managers and leasing consultants that make the effort reap the rewards when it comes to referrals from HR managers at local businesses. Setting the first introductory appointment makes sense, but how to you make repeat visits to stay top of mind? All it takes is a little something sweet.

This post from The Apartment Boutique Blog shows how candy programs give apartment personnel, especially those who are not good at getting out of the office or those who are a bit shy and don’t feel confident of what to say, a built in reason to not only make initial contact with local HR managers but also follow up with a monthly visit. While the post is targeted specifically to apartment communities, the same principles apply when creating a referral program for any market.

Candy Programs Apothecary JarTo set up your own referral program using candy, follow these steps:

  • Make the first appointment.
  • Deliver fresh candy.
  • Provide enough candy.
  • Give a variety of candy.
  • Package the bulk candy attractively.
  • Be cognizant of allergies.
  • Schedule deliveries and be consistent.

Once you make the connection, you can build the referral business—and the results will be sweet as candy. To learn the specifics about how to create a referral program using candy, read the complete post here.

Got ideas on how you can use candy in a referral program? What’s your favorite candy to receive? Share your thoughts in the comments below to keep the discussion going!