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The Power Of The Pen


Goldbond Pen 2We’re big, BIG fans of writing instruments because they’re universal, useful and effective. And it’s not just our opinion. We’ve got the facts to back it up.

Promotional writing instruments are perfect brand messaging tools, according to the Study Of Writing Instruments In U.S. Households conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Here’s why:

Importance In Daily Life

Overall, the study found that 76 percent of people surveyed consider the pen an important/very important/extremely important part of their daily personal activities. And the higher the education level, the higher the importance of pens became. So if you’re advertising to an educated demographic, writing instruments will be useful.

Kept & Used Multiple Times Per Day

And speaking of useful, more than 73% of people keep one writing instrument with them at all times. About half the men carry a pen with them, and almost 90% of women have a pen always at hand.

The majority of people have at least 10 writing instruments in their homes, and of these, about 25% are promotional products. Nearly 80% of recipients use these promotional pens they receive from businesses, and 56% keep their promotional pen for as long as it writes.

Additionally, 60% of people use a pen five to 10 times a day. So not only are pens kept but they are used throughout the day—putting logos in customers’ hands over and over again.

Outstanding Advertiser Recall

When testing “recall” for the group that had received at least one promotional pen in the last 12-months, two-thirds of them were able to recall the name of the advertiser who gave them the pen. Additionally, 52.5% could remember the product or service information imprinted on the pen. Impressive! Plus, recipients generally had a very positive attitude towards the advertiser and planned to use the advertiser in the future.

Economical Choice

The study found that the overall cost per impression for writing instruments is only a fraction of a cent ($0.000436). Few other advertising mediums can make this claim.

Fan Favorites

Do you have a favorite pen? Most people do. The study found seven out of 10 people have a preferred pen, with 83% of people favoring ballpoint pens over other types of writing instruments. And once they have a fave, seven out of 10 people say they tend to want to keep it to themselves without sharing it with others—building even more affinity for your brand.

So what elevates a pen to become someone’s favorite? When asked to provide detail about their preferences when choosing a pen, users ranked the following attributes in order of preference:

  1. Smooth ink flow
  2. Smudge-proof ink
  3. Functionality
  4. Waterproof ink
  5. Made in the USA
  6. Retractable
  7. Meets safety standards
  8. Utility value
  9. Eco-friendly
  10. Writes upside down
  11. Comes with refills
  12. Exclusiveness

It’s easy to see why we love promotional writing instruments. The pen is powerful! And if these stats weren’t enough to convince you, check out these 3 Reasons Why Promotional Writing Instruments Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan. This article showcases three of the hottest pens available today—the Realm, the Bosa and the Innovation. (Hint: read to the end for a very special offer.)


So whether you want to use an inexpensive yet quality plastic pen for your next promotional giveaway or a laser-engraved metal pen with a high perceived value for employee or client gifts, there is a pen for every budget and application. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700 today to learn how promotional writing instruments can be effectively integrated into your marketing and branding efforts.