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Top 3 Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens

Top Eco-Friendly Pens 1

When you began working this morning, did you take notes during a zoom meeting, jot down a reminder or make a to do list? Perhaps you signed a birthday card, wrote in your gratitude journal, or doodled on a sketchpad while sipping sweet tea and watching the kids play? Chances are you do many of these things regularly. Did the pen you used have a logo on it? Was the logo yours?

Every year, more than $1.5 billion is spent on promotional writing instruments. Why? Because they are universal, useful and effective.

If you’re not using writing instruments as part of your brand building strategy, you’re missing out. Research shows that promotional writing instruments are kept an average of nine months, garner 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime and have a cost-per-impression of less than 1/10 of a cent (based on $1 cost).

Want to put the power of the pen to work for you while choosing a more sustainable option? These eco-friendly promotional pens are all the “write” stuff.

Recycled Pens

Top Eco-Friendly Pens 2 - Recycled Pen

If you’re marketing your brand with eco-friendly journals, don’t forget a coordinating eco-friendly promotional pens. This Recycled Pen features a barrel made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper with a natural wooden clip and 98% post-consumer recycled plastic accents in blue, hunter green, orange, pink, purple or red.

If you have sustainability initiatives for your promotions, this is a great product to consider. Get all the details on these eco-friendly promotional pens and buy them here.

Widebody Recycled Plastic Pen

Top Eco-Friendly Pens 3 - Widebody Recycled Plastic Pen

While we love a good recycled paper barrel pen like the one above, sometimes promos need a bit more color to truly align with brand messaging. Say hello to the eco-friendly BIC® WideBody® retractable, refillable ballpoint pen made with 72% pre-consumer recycled plastic. There are 17 colors of plastic available that can be mixed and matched on the barrel, plunger and tip to create more than 300 possible color combinations. Since these eco-friendly promotional pens are USA-assembled, they’re always in stock.

Check them out here to begin writing the story of your next promotion.

Ecolutions Tri-Stic

Top Eco-Friendly Pens 4 - Ecolutions Tri-Stic

Want a multi-color imprint on eco-friendly promotional pens? The BIC® Ecolutions® Tri-Stic® ballpoint offers three sides with three different imprints in three different colors—all on an eco-friendly body and trim. The white barrel as well as the colored clip and trim are made from 73% pre-consumer recycled plastic parts acquired from manufacturing plants for reuse. The parts are flaked, mixed and melted to pre-consumer recycled plastic pellets. To top it all off, the pens are USA-assembled.

Check out the Tri-Stic eco-friendly promotional pens here to make your campaign message stick.

Writing Your Next Eco-Friendly Promotional Campaign

While a lot of business has shifted to virtual, writing instruments still have a role to play in promotional campaigns. People will always have a need to write, so make sure the pen they reach for is yours.

Giving eco-friendly promotional pens is a great place to start because 42% of people have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional products they receive are environmentally friendly. This jumps to 49% if recipients are female and more than 57% if they are ages 18-34.

To create a more substantial gift, combine eco-friendly promotional pens with eco-friendly promotional journals and use the duo for direct mail campaigns that support virtual events, remote employee onboarding programs or client thank-you gifts.

Going eco-friendly is a simple switch, as there are sustainable options for pretty much all your favorite products that not only look great but are also priced attractively.

If you’re ready to get green, let’s chat. We can get you set up with one of the products above or our concierge service can get to work finding the perfect eco-friendly promotional pens to be incorporated into your next campaign

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