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How to Show Off at Your Next Trade Show, with Promotional Products

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In the arsenal of tools at a marketer’s disposal, few can be as effective at building brand awareness, generating interest, and converting new customers and business partners as trade shows. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck at these events, it’s important to maximize the number of touchpoints that connect you and your booth with new and returning attendees. One of the more effective ways to do that is by creating an immersive booth atmosphere—including promotional products—that attendees will not soon forget. To best integrate your trade show giveaways, consider following these guidelines.

First, Make Them Personal

Trade shows bring together people from all over the world. And though sometimes attendees come with companies, often they’re flying solo and might not know anyone else attending. For those of us who have attended trade shows in the past, we know that the most enjoyable and memorable experiences are those at which the vendors made us feel special, confident, and unique among the crowd. For marketers, setting attendees up for their own success can be advantageous to you as well. Help them meet each other and strike up conversations with personalized and fun registration badges. Additionally, a remarkable step-and-repeat backdrop can serve as the perfect setting for attendees to get their photos taken by trade show facilitators or by each other. These extra nudges will help get the networking ball rolling.

Then, Make Them Social

Although the primary goal of trade shows is to generate business, that’s no reason they can’t also be a social event too. In fact, attendees are more likely to remember your booth and brand if they had a positive, interactive experience there — either with you, or with fellow attendees. Help facilitate social interactions around your booth by setting up a designated massage chair area — it’s a place where attendees can take a load off, socialize with others, and talk about how much they appreciate your brand. After their massage, send visitors home with their own massage ball or a branded bottle of essential oil spray — and trust us, you really can’t go wrong with the scent. Similarly, you could also set up a communal power station by your booth, where attendees can chit-chat while they charge their devices.

And Lastly, Make Them Healthy

Depending on the trade show, attendees can be away from home and their normal routine for days at a time. Cheating on that diet or skipping that morning workout becomes all too easy, which is why attendees will appreciate vendors who help them stick to their health regimens. These colorful pedometers make a fun gift; when handing them out, show attendees how they can use them to track their steps as they make their way around the show. Who knows, they might even try to beat their number at the next corporate event. If you really want to show attendees you care about their health, consider hosting a yoga event with borrowed or rented mats, and then handing out branded yoga mat towels as a take-home gift. And to keep them nourished, consider scrapping the bowls of candy, and instead dishing out healthy snack at your table.

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