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Unique Promotional Items for Events Your Attendees Will Never Forget

event sponsorship promotinoal itemsEvents are a great way to promote your brand or business to potential customers and partners. If your event doesn’t include promotional products as part of the overall experience, you’re missing a huge opportunity to convert attendees and leave a lasting impression.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of promotional products, take a look at a study conducted by SAGE. One statistic shows that 85% of people interviewed had gone on to do business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional product from them. Furthermore, nearly half of respondents want to receive more promotional products from advertisers. Events are a great place to make that wish come true.

But, finding the right promotional items for your next event doesn’t happen by accident—it requires strategy and planning. Start with answering these questions to help you hone your approach to promotional products.

What are you looking to achieve with this event?

When considering promotional items for events and developing your promotional product strategy, it’s important to start with your goals: what are you looking to get out of this event? Are you looking to test a new product? Grow your email list? Increase visibility and exposure? Approaching your event with your objectives clearly set out will make it easier to single out promotional products that will fit.

How are your promotional items different?

We’ve all been to events where the giveaways seemed ignorable. By offering interactive, surprising event giveaways that breaks the mold, you’ll leave an immediate and lasting impression. Think of the promo products as being integral, not supplementary, to the event.

What will get attendees showing off the sponsored items?

Think of events as the testing ground for the effectiveness of your event giveaways, and how you use them to interact with your attendees. What products will make your guests want to use them immediately? What will generate word of mouth? What products do you want your brand to be associated with, and what tokens do you want to be remembered by?

Keeping these guidelines in mind, here are a few of our favorite giveaways and promotion ideas for how they can be effectively used as the centerpieces of your events.

A Feast (for the Eyes Too)

tote bag promotional product

If your event includes a meal or snacks, send your attendees home with a reusable tote bag. Almost one-third of U.S. consumers own a promotional bag, and these walking billboards get the most impressions of any promotional product on the market. Attendees can use the same tote bag to and from work to carry their breakfasts and lunches, or for other activities like grocery shopping and trips to the beach. Spacious, insulated totes are perfect for on-location events that might involve walking trips or tours.

Getting Sporty

Looking to add a little sweat to your sponsored event? Sports and athletic activities enjoy broad appeal across all demographics, and they can be the twist that takes your event to the next level. Golf and yoga outings are a great way to turn up the heat and involve your attendees in a casual and fun way. If you’re going to be hitting the links during your event, we recommend the Golf Cart Seat Cover. It’s one of our favorite products for showcasing your brand and capturing player attention on the green.

branded yoga matAlternately, you could go with an event that trades sinking putts for downward dogs, and offer yoga to your attendees. Corporations have really embraced the wellness movement, and the soaring popularity of yoga is proof of that. Hook your yogis up with a branded yoga mat and travel bag at class, and you might just be the first to introduce them to a new, lifelong passion.

If you’re going to be including one of these activities in your event roster, we also recommend offering attendees a customizable, stainless steel water bottle. The sturdy Double Wall 21 water bottle is durable enough for those outdoor outings, but also great around the office, where hydration is just as important.

Sharing the Love

Promotional products can have a very long shelf life, with two-thirds of consumers holding onto them for up to two years and an average of six months. Furthermore, 60% of consumers pass on their promotional products to others rather than throwing them out. Sometimes they go to friends, but often people bring home promo items to their kids and family. gourmet cookies promotional product

One promotional item that the whole family can usually enjoy is sweets. A customizable canister of gourmet chocolate chip cookies might be hard for some event attendees to bring home unsampled, but if they do they’re sure to be a hit. While the whole family gathers around to indulge, your brand will be right at the center of the table.

Relax, Recharge, and Re-Brand

These days, there’s hardly anything more alarming than a 1% battery life — except maybe a 1% battery life and no outlets. A recharge lounge is like an oasis in an energy desert, and they are much-beloved features of any event, indoor or out.

power pedestal promotional item

Power pedestals – with multiple charging options – can turn into hubs for conversation and networking. It’s an office away from the office. Position some chairs around it, and you’ve just created an engaging workstation for attendees. And thanks to its size, the pedestal, customized with your brand, is like a magnet for the eyes. And while their devices are recharging, attendees can refuel their bodies with coffee or tea out of customizable traveler tumblers.

Thanks for the Memories

Over recent years, nostalgia marketing, as Forbes points out, has proved itself a very a successful approach, especially when targeted at Millennials. Photo booths and stands at events fall under this category and have become a retro hit with attendees. The novelty of a photo strip, combined with the practicality of an email attachment or social media upload, gives guests something tangible to take home. If you really want them to remember their amazing time, and your ama

promo frames for photoboothszing brand, send them off with a frame for their photo printouts.

Each 2 x 6 frame is magnetic and can attach to the fridge, and also features a pop-out stand. If you’re looking for something even more unique, we can help you create a customizable photo frame, tailor-made for the type of event and optimize it for your social media presence.

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