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Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Products to Renew Your Marketing Plan

While out for dinner this past fall, I was delighted by something I saw: the customers in the restaurant were foregoing the use of disposable, plastic straws, and instead using reusable straws they had brought with them in their bags or purses. I didn’t expect it, but I had found myself in a room full of ecologically-minded people. It was clear from that moment that, what was once a fad, had in fact become much more.
And we shouldn’t be surprised that eco-friendliness has rubbed off on the world of promotional products, either. Environmentally conscious branded products are becoming indispensable, a fact backed up by the statistics. A Fairware study of promotional product consumers in Canada, for example, found that more than half hold a favorable attitude toward the advertiser if the product they received was made both eco- and socially-responsibly.
We experienced the enthusiasm for eco-friendly products first-hand when we saw the reusable metal straw and cleaner in jute bag become our most popular item this past year. In keeping with this trend, we are also seeing more eco-friendly and sustainable items at the trade shows we attend, and our client’s are continuing to request them.
Promotional Products are an advertising medium with staying power. In a recent PPAI study, 80% of promotional products are used for more than a year. Since promotional products are given out to a targeted market there is less waste. Additionally, eight out of ten consumers pass along promotional products versus carelessly throwing them in the trash. Because eco-friendly products are designed to be used, and re-used, and re-used, they increase the likelihood that their owners will not only see, but also remember and appreciate your brand, and in so doing enhance your image.
How do you know you’re buying sustainable and eco-friendly promotional products? Ask your Detroit-based Promotional Product Consultant. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wheat Travel Tumbler

Disposable paper (or worse, plastic) cups mount up at the trash heap. Help to mitigate this threat to environmental health by drinking from a reusable traveler tumbler, in soft, soothing wheat. In addition to your logo, you can also choose a pithy saying or your tagline to be imprinted on the grippable rubber bands.

Enviro-Shopper Tote Bag

Are you grocery shopping ecologically responsibly? Plastic bags are a major contributor to refuse and pollution, both in their manufacturing and disposal. Make the switch to a reusable tote bag, which is stylish, good for business, and good for the environment, too. They come in a variety of colors, and can be customized with your brand’s logo front and center.

ApPeel® Pico Saddlestitched Journal

This journal is fully-organic and perfect for handing out at trade shows or business meetings, where customers, clients, and prospects might be taking notes. The ApPeel is made of apple and vegetable fibers for a smooth writing-experience that’s also eco- and animal-friendly.

Boundary Natural Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

This bamboo speaker booms with sound, and fits comfortably on a desk. The bamboo facing is a great showcase for your brand’s logo, and owners will appreciate the 8-hour playback time.

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