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Want High-Impact Advertising? Get Promotional Products

Promotional-Products-High-Impact-AdvertisingThere are so many ways to build your brand and advertise your services—from traditional TV, radio and print to trendy online advertising, in-person events and new media. Depending on your goals, target market, product/service and budget, each of these advertising mediums has a place in the overall marketing mix. But there’s one advertising medium that consistently delivers high impact while commanding advertiser recall at affordable prices over and above all the rest: Promotional Products.

In fact, 85% of recipients of promotional products can identify the advertisers on the promotional items they owned, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study. Additionally, recipients not only remember the name of the advertiser, they also overwhelmingly feel more positive about the advertiser.

Furthermore, and most importantly, this brand recall and positive impression does drive future purchase intent. The study found that more than one-third of recipients state they are more likely to do business with an advertiser after receiving the promotional item than they were beforehand.

The 2014 study included thousands of in-person interviews with businesspeople and students and built upon the 2013 and 2012 research, which was conducted in 12 North American and European cities as a follow up to 2008 and 2010 surveys. This year’s data updates prior years’ reports by expanding interviews into two cities in Mexico (Monterrey and Mexico City) and several additional mid-major markets: Tampa, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Denver and San Diego, bringing the total number of cities studied to 27. (Check out the prior study info in this previous post.)

The data includes demographic information broken down by political affiliation, ethnicity, gender, age and income, since knowing the likely recipient of products is paramount for an advertiser. Results show promotional products are consistently popular and persistent, with most people owning about 10 items they generally keep for nearly seven months, a far longer time period than any other form of advertising.

So what items are fan faves? Check out these highlights:

  • Spector-Tuscany-Rollerball-PenWriting instruments were the most commonly cited item, with 56% of recipients in the U.S. reporting getting at least one in the prior year, followed by shirts (48%) and bags (34%).
  • In the U.S., 42% of polled consumers who keep promotional hats do so because they are attractive, second only to outerwear.
  • Bags, which are generally mobile and therefore seen by more people, generated the most impressions in the U.S., with 5,700+ a month.


A cost analysis of promotional products versus other advertising media, found high-impact, cost-effective logoed items can allow even small companies to achieve as high an ROI as major corporations. Results found that at about half a penny, promo products have a lower cost-per-impression (CPI) in the U.S. than prime-time TV, national magazine and newspaper ads, and a similar CPI to spot radio and internet advertising, according to the study.


So whether you’re in Seattle or Sydney, Monterrey or Madrid, or anywhere in between, promotional products can deliver the command the brand recall all advertisers need. Want to make an impact with your target audience? Book an appointment by clicking here or call us now at 248-538-4700 today to learn how to incorporate promotional products into your overall marketing mix.