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Want To Fill The Sales Pipeline? Branding May Be Key—And Promotional Products Can Help

Sales PipelineCan you directly connect marketing activities to sales leads in your organization? If not, you’re not alone. Calculating ROI on marketing spend in terms of sales activity has always been challenging, and marketers are feeling the pressure to bridge the gap.

In fact, 60% of marketers said their most important goal was generating more leads but most reported they are either not meeting the demands of the sales pipeline or are completely unable to measure their ability to do so, according to “Priming the Pipeline: Driving Awareness, Conversions & Sales”, a new study from BtoB Magazine.

“There is a significant gap between what marketing is producing and what sales needs,” said Russell Glass, CEO at business marketing and ad network company Bizo Inc., which sponsored BtoB’s study. “We know that vendors often are eliminated by buyers before a sales rep is ever talked to. This says to me that marketers need to be way more effective with branding and getting into the consideration set.”

His comments reinforce the survey’s findings that that 55% want to reach more of their target audience and 39% want to elevate their organization’s online brand reputation. Additionally, nearly four in five marketers said that differentiating their company’s brands from the competition is essential.

One of the primary obstacles to making these things happen is the increasing complexity of the sales pipeline, the study found. In fact, 43% reported that the length of b2b sales processes is getting longer, and 71% indicated that there are two or more b2b decision-makers involved in any one sale.

So how can you get more from your marketing efforts? Think promotional products. When used correctly and integrated into a comprehensive marketing plan, they can boost brand awareness and reputation while grabbing the attention of decision makers.

While promotional products can’t close the sale and make the deal (you’ll have to do that!), they can at least help break through the clutter and deliver your message in a creative way that will get noticed. See proof of why promotional products work in this previous post.

And if you want recipients to take action (like set an appointment to hear about how your product or service can help their company be better/stronger/faster), promotional products can help with that too. Check out this previous post to learn more.


However you incorporate promotional products into your marketing mix, don’t go it alone. Rely on the expertise of a promotional marketing professional to help you select appropriate products, design an effective campaign and get the most ROI from your marketing spend. Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700 today to learn how!