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Welcome To The Corporate Specialties Blog

It’s no secret that promotional products are a useful and cost-effective way to gain awareness and build your brand to ultimately grow your business. While there’s no shortage of people willing to sell you logoed merchandise, there is a vast difference in order takers and true promotional consultants.

CorpSpec-Brochure-CoverAt Corporate Specialties, we work hard to understand the unique marketing requirements of each individual client and create targeted promotions to fit your exact needs. We’re a marketing brain trust you can tap into anytime. And it just got easier to do so.

To give you ideas on the countless ways promotional products can be used in comprehensive marketing programs, we’ve created the Corporate Specialties blog. Each month, we’ll show you different ways to use branded merchandise and apparel that you may not have previously considered. We believe every product must be useful and have a purpose while at the same time continuing to properly promote your brand or be a cohesive part of a marketing plan. In each post, we’ll show you how. Stay tuned!

But there’s more. Because Corporate Specialties specializes in two unique markets—apartment/property management and dance studios—we’ve also created companion blogs that specifically address the unique needs of these audiences.

We have vast experience in working with apartment communities and property management companies, and we bring our unique perspective to this market. Promotional products can be used in so many creative ways to build the community brand, boost prospective resident traffic, grow referrals and increase retention. See how we do it at The Apartment Boutique Blog.

Additionally, we have a passion for dance that has translated into growing segment of marketing support for studios that offer recreational as well as competitive dance programs. Whether it’s the popularity of shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Dance Moms or So You Think You Can Dance, studios have great opportunity to grow their businesses—but only with the right kind of promotion. Learn about our ideas at Dance Studio Boutique Blog.

Whether you’re a large corporation or small local firm looking for innovative ways to brand your business or you’re an apartment community or dance studio looking for marketing support from someone who understands your industry, Corporate Specialties is your source. We have the creativity to design your comprehensive marketing programs from inception through execution, plus we have the experience to know what works—and why it’s successful.

Thanks for visiting our blog, and we hope you enjoy the informative and educational content. And if you have questions, comments or want to learn more about how we can work together, contact us anytime!