What We Do

There’s all kinds of swag. New swag. Traditional swag. Fresh swag. Cool swag. Inexpensive swag. Luxurious swag. Swag you’ll stand in line for. Swag you’ll run 26 miles for. There’s good swag and (unfortunately) some bad swag.

We work with business owners, corporate marketers, meeting and event planners, and HR pros to help them avoid the bad swag and choose SMART Swag: branded merchandise that’s Special, Memorable, Affordable, Relevant and Targeted.

How do we do it? We get to you know you. Ask questions. Understand your brand, its vibe and what it represents to your customers. We stay up-to-date on current marketing trends and new product introductions. We evaluate your marketing goals and specific project objectives and make sound product recommendations from quality vendors that only provide safe and compliant merchandise.

Our most popular projects:

Internal Uses

Employee Relations & Events
Recognition Programs
Service Awards
Sales Incentives
Health & Wellness Campaigns
Safety Programs

External Uses

Brand Awareness
Corporate Events
Customer Acquisition & Retention
Business Gifts
Goodwill Programs
Product/Service Introductions
Lead Generation/Appointment Setting
Referral Programs
Community Events

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small local business, mid-size company or national corporation, we can work with you on the occasional promotion or become your go-to, trusted resource for all your promotional needs.

Sure, you can purchase promotional products from just anyone online. But don’t be fooled that this will save you time or money…or that you’ll receive a quality product with on-time delivery. While we may not always have the rock-bottom cost, our pricing is always fair and includes all the behind-the-scenes extras to make sure your project goes smoothly—from being in consistent contact with safety compliant vendors to ensure inventory availability to approving product proofs, tracking shipments and everything in between. Plus, you can tap into our 20+ years of marketing expertise for strategic advice and project recommendations that you may not have considered. And that doesn’t cost you a dime.

So give Corporate Specialties a shot at becoming your Swag Specialist. We’ll help you see swag differently. SMART Swag. Smarter Marketing.