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Want To Integrate Your Brand Into Customers’ Daily Lives? Use Promotional Products

Calendar-Daily-LivesMost advertising—TV, radio, print, online—interrupts the experience viewers and readers have while interacting with media. But there’s one form of advertising that consumers reach for, literally, during their daily activities: promotional products.

If you want to integrate your brand into customers’ daily lives, promotional products can deliver. From calendars and computer accessories to t-shirts and writing instruments, promotional products can easily be integrated into consumers’ lives in an organic way, which helps advertisers increase their reach and potential for creating and maintaining brand awareness.

In fact, eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products, six in 10 keep them for up to two years, and about half (53%) use a promo item at least once a week or more often, according to The Influence Of Promotional Products On Consumer Behavior, a research study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). And most of these promotional products are kept at home (54%) or on the person (24%), making them easily accessible whenever needed.

It’s this usefulness that keeps promotional products hanging around. The top three most useful products, according to the study results, are:

  • Computer Products (100%)
  • Health & Safety Products (100%)
  • Writing Instruments (91%)

Another consideration is the frequency of use. Calendars and planners (85%), computer products (85%), and electronic devices and accessories (82%) take the top three spots.

And even if the given promotional products aren’t exactly the recipient’s cup of tea, few actually throw them away (only one in five). Instead, most will give them away to someone else. So if you want to extend the relevancy of promotional products beyond target users and facilitate passing them to others and thus increasing their reach, think of them as “gifts for family and friends.”


Whatever your marketing and advertising objectives, there is a promotional product that can get the job done—and become part of your target audience’s daily life. Want suggestions? Book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700 to learn how.