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Powerful Promotion: A Property Management Company Warms Tenants’ Hearts With Cool Holiday Gift Bags

Holiday Gift BagsWhen the calendar page flips to December and the temps plunge, most people find themselves singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside!” To help combat the chill—and warm tenants hearts in the process—a property management company wanted to create a holiday gift campaign to complement the annual holiday event that thanks their tenants for choosing to lease from them.

Each year, the company schedules time with Santa and his Elves to share Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Spirit in the properties the company manages. Each building was beautifully decorated for the season. Live holiday music was played. Tenants were invited to the party to meet their property management team, take photos with Santa and receive their holiday gifts.

To create buzz, the property management firm partnered with Corporate Specialties to create a special gift-bag program that supported all the elements of the holiday event and enticed tenants to visit the lobby and enjoy all the celebration had to offer. The goal of the gift-bag swag was to have a number of winter-themed items that can be used not only on the day of the event but also throughout the entire winter season for continued brand awareness and goodwill.

The Winter Comfort Kit included:

  • Custom black texting gloves imprinted with the company’s logo
  • Ice scraper imprinted with “Dashing Through The Snow”
  • Tissue pak imprinted with “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
  • Lip balm imprinted with the company’s website
  • Peppermint spoon
  • Popcorn “snow” ball treat
  • Hot chocolate packet
  • Ice cube shaped chocolate square

PPAI Pyramid Award Products

All of these items were packaged together in a red round bag with an imprint of Santa’s belly and the company’s logo. The gift bags were personally distributed by staff members to every tenant who attended the event.

To promote the event and entice tenants to attend, blog posts on the company’s website as well as a social media and email campaign were created around holiday phrases: ’Tis The Season, Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Spirit, It’s A Wonderful Life, Baby It’s Cold Outside and Dashing Through The Snow.

On the day of the event, gift bags were limited to one per person to encourage all tenants to attend and receive their gifts personally. This strategy worked exactly as planned. Tenants told each other about the gifts, the buzz spread and more people joined in the celebration. In fact, nearly double the gift bags were given away for 2014! In 2013, 4,000 bags were distributed and this grew to 7,500 distributed in 2014—resulting in personal interactions with 3,500 more people than the previous year. Nice!

Because the gift bags worked so well at getting people to attend the event, the company’s staffers were able to better promote its website and get people to sign up to receive email updates. (And the drawing for six $75 gift cards at popular local retailers didn’t hurt!). Prior to the holiday event, there were 1,556 email subscribers. After the event, total subscribers jumped to 2,287—an increase of 731 people. Additionally, traffic to the site increased 32% from November to December.

But how much did all this fun cost? It was actually under budget! In 2013, the total cost per bag was $8.10. In 2014, the cost per bag (even with more robust gifts) dropped to $6.40 per bag. This savings allowed an increase in the order quantity so the company could reach even more of its tenants.

At the beginning of the promotion process, we strategized the overall goals of the event and determined that we wanted to create an opportunity to:

  • Show all tenants that they are valued and their business is appreciated
  • Boost overall goodwill between the company and its tenants
  • Increase email subscriptions for the company’s website
  • Create buzz and build positive word of mouth

Based on the quantitative ROI, we CRUSHED the goals! And the company’s staff heard numerous compliments during the event as well as received positive feedback afterward. In fact, they said tenants had a wonderful time and LOVED their gifts, and the holiday event was the most successful sign up event to date. BY FAR.

While we’re super proud of this promo, we’re not the only ones giving it kudos. The success of the program has also been recognized by Promotional Products Association International with the PPAI Bronze Pyramid Award. (It’s kinda like the Oscars of the swag industry—very prestigious and coveted!). You can read all about the award here.


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