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Top 10 Reasons YOU Need A Uniform Program

Top 10 Reasons YOU Need A Uniform ProgramWhat’s one surprising way you can build your brand, enhance your professionalism and offer a great hiring perk? It’s easier than you think: Incorporate a uniform program.

“A few years back, a national survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates for the textile service industry found that customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stood out as professionals and were seen as being more competent and knowledgeable,” says Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst, a North American provider of uniforms and workwear. “Those survey results hold true today and can translate into real bottom-line benefits for those companies choosing a managed uniform program for their employees.”

So how can your company benefit from incorporate a uniform program? Check out these 10 ways:

1. Create An Attractive Business Image

Whether right or wrong, people are judged by their appearance and how they dress. By incorporating an employee uniform program, you can quickly establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers.

2. Promote Your Company & Brand

Employees are an extension of your company. So when they wear uniforms displaying your corporate logos and colors, they further extend your brand by giving it a physical presence all the while helping to differentiate your business within the markets you serve.

3. Advertise For Free

Not only are uniforms worn on the job, but they’re also worn to and from work. So wherever employees go prior to arriving at the office, during lunch and on the way home, they become walking billboards that promote your products and services.

4. Protect Workers

In addition to branding and promotional benefits, uniforms can also deliver functional benefits such as wearer safety. For example, flame resistant (FR) workwear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fires, and high-visibility uniforms can help protect workers from being struck by motorized vehicles.

5. Improve Security

Another functional benefit is security. Company uniforms that feature specific styles or colors make it easy to quickly identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas or on job sites.

6. Prevent Product Cross-Contamination

Uniform programs designed specifically for the food or healthcare industries can help reduce cross-contamination threats; those constructed to dissipate static electricity can help prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

Uniforms - Camp Shirt7. Foster Team Spirit

Work uniforms promote a sense of team spirit, which can boost worker productivity. Incorporate them into an employee onboarding program to instill an immediate sense of belonging.

8. Employee Benefit

Having a uniform program is a great hiring perk, as employees appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about what to wear each morning—and they have more disposable income because a portion of their paycheck isn’t going to their work attire.

9. Improve Customer Service

For companies that have direct customer contact, uniforms help customers immediately identify company representatives who can be approached for purchasing information or help. This improves customer service and the overall buying experience.

10. Promote Company Pride

Work uniforms help instill a sense of pride and responsibility and can convert employees into “brand ambassadors” outside the actual workplace.


A managed workwear program can produce vast image enhancing results that are important to telling your brand story. And creating one is easier than you think. Read all about it in Dress The Part: Jump Start Your Uniform Program In 7 Easy Steps.


Whether your business is large or small, a uniform program can help build your brand and enhance your professionalism. We can help you reap the benefits. Just book an appointment by clicking here or call us at 248-538-4700. Mention the blog, and we’ll send you some SMART Swag as a thank you for reading!

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