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Corporate Specialties’ Blog Wins 7th PPAI Pyramid Award

Published: Author: Lisa Horn

Every year, Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) recognizes the industry’s most talented companies and individuals through the PPAI Pyramid Award. In January, the Corporate Specialties Blog received top honors with the PPAI Gold Pyramid for creative excellence in blog content. This is the third Gold Pyramid and the seventh overall time that the Corporate Specialties Blog has been honored.

When we launched the Corporate Specialties Blog in the spring of 2013, the objective was to create an educational portal that provides informative content on promotional marketing and branded merchandise as well as relevant research findings and business marketing and branding articles.

Today, the Corporate Specialties Blog is an extension of our concierge service. Because we know what promotional products are on-trend, on-brand and will get results, we can provide informative content that helps you, our customers, make better-informed and more strategic decisions about your branded merch purchases. 

Published articles spotlight high-quality merchandise that represents your brand well, educate on how promotional products can be incorporated into strategic marketing campaigns and offer ideas that you may not have previously considered. We hope the blog enhances your entire purchasing experience and continues to build your trust in us.

While winning awards for our editorial-quality content wasn’t even on our minds in the early days, it has been fulfilling to consistently be recognized for both the quality and creativity of our content. A sincere thank you to PPAI for the honors!

This Blog Is For You; Dive In!

The blog was completely redesigned and updated in 2020, and the library continues to be a place where you can learn how to best utilize your promotional products investment. If you’re a regular reader, thank you so much for your continued support. We hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as we love putting them together for you.

And if you’re new to the blog, Welcome! Whether you call it promotional products, swag, branded merchandise or merch, people love receiving logoed items. That’s why merch is one of the most influential, enduring and cost-effective ad mediums available today. We hope the blog content will help you make more informed decisions about your overall promotional marketing strategy.

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Put The Blog Content To Work In Your Next Campaign

As we work together on your promotional campaigns in the coming year, we hope you take advantage of these and all the articles to assist you with choosing meaningful branded merchandise that is not only relevant to your target audience but also representative of your brand story. Thanks for reading!

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